Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When she crashes ...

She crashes. The other day I put Ainslee down for her afternoon nap. Well after a few minutes fussing around, she pulled her shirt up to her face to show off her cute little tummy. On top of it, the smart kid is learning to roll over onto her side ..... So when you put her down for a nap .... this is what you get!

Ainslee learns to Razzzzzzzz

She cracks me up!! I've been showing her how to razz for about 2 weeks now, and guess who caught on ... Now I can't get her to stop. When we ask her a question, we get the razz!!! You go girl!

4 Months and Counting ....

Well Sunday was Miss Ainslee's 4 month birthday .... All I can say is dang she is growing. We took her to the doctor on Tuesday for her check up. She weighed in at 16 lbs, and was 25.4 inches long. So in 2 short months ... she grew 4.4 inches and gained 3 more pounds! I think what shocked both of us was the doctor said we can pull out the high chair for feedings!! HOLY CRAP she's a big girl now!! Happy Birthday Baby girl!!