Sunday, April 19, 2009

We're back!

At long last, I have finally downloaded new pictures off the camera to share with everyone! I apologize for the delay - it's been a very busy month. Melissa went back to work three weeks ago and things got so busy for us. But after two weeks of nagging (hi mom!) I finally sat down to post something. Here are a few things that are new with our Bean:

She loves to play outside - this was our first trip to the Farmers Market in downtown Portland this weekend!

She was the most adoreable Easter baby ever!

We had luch with Annie's birthmom Kristina. It was a very special time and we realized yet again how lucky we are to have a birthmom that is so funny and fun! She's great!

Last but not least (certainly not to Ainslee anyway) Annie is totally digging solid food! Pears and carrots are her favorites these days. This picture was taken the first time she tried solid food - I think the learning curve was pretty steep for all of us!
That's all for now - I promise to be more diligent about posting our new goings-on!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Babbling Bean

I honestly could watch this for a straight hour... I have yet to find anything that amuses me as much as hearing her talk!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When she crashes ...

She crashes. The other day I put Ainslee down for her afternoon nap. Well after a few minutes fussing around, she pulled her shirt up to her face to show off her cute little tummy. On top of it, the smart kid is learning to roll over onto her side ..... So when you put her down for a nap .... this is what you get!

Ainslee learns to Razzzzzzzz

She cracks me up!! I've been showing her how to razz for about 2 weeks now, and guess who caught on ... Now I can't get her to stop. When we ask her a question, we get the razz!!! You go girl!

4 Months and Counting ....

Well Sunday was Miss Ainslee's 4 month birthday .... All I can say is dang she is growing. We took her to the doctor on Tuesday for her check up. She weighed in at 16 lbs, and was 25.4 inches long. So in 2 short months ... she grew 4.4 inches and gained 3 more pounds! I think what shocked both of us was the doctor said we can pull out the high chair for feedings!! HOLY CRAP she's a big girl now!! Happy Birthday Baby girl!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ta Dah!

Guess who is now 3 months old? AINSLEE GRACE!! The big girl is starting to smile more and more, and talk up a storm when possible. She's also found that her hands are tasty too! Happy 3 months Baby Girl!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Splish Splash!

Tonight I discovered how much our daughter loves to surprise us... Every time we think we've got her all figured out, she changes yet again!

Bathtime has never been a real big hit around here. Ainslee has finally learned to tolerate them, but by no means are they a fun thing for her. She pretty much just lays there til we're finished and she can holler about being cold. (Geez, are we mean mommies or what!) Tonight we were getting ready for her bath and had the bright idea of bringing her tub downstairs because (a) it was easier for us and (b) she never does anything to make a mess, right?

Ha! I'm pretty sure half of the kitchen was flooded... It took a big pile of towels to clean up the water. And she was so darned cute that we had to take a video to share.

(Sorry Annie, this is probably one of those things you'll hate me for when you're 16...)