Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Best Present Ever!

We spent this holiday season in California with Melissa's family, which was a first for us. It was a special time this year and very bittersweet, with both the loss of Melissa's wonderful dad and Ainslee's first Christmas. We spent the majority of our time there just hanging out with family. Of course there was copious amounts of food and lots of presents to spoil us all as well!

Grandma Shonna officially takes the cake with the best present ever though! We used our Christmas cash to buy a digital camcorder - something we'd been drooling over for the last couple of months but just couldn't afford yet. We've been playing with it the past couple of days and having a ball and I thought I'd share with you yesterday's video. We're still learning how to do this - you'll notice half of it is upside down, ha! - but it's easy to see how this is going to become a serious addiction.

You rock Grandma!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Guess who is 2 months now ..

AINSLEE GRACE!!! And can we just say, my how she's grown. It seems everyday she just keeps growing and growing and growing. Last night we were having dinner with friends, when a little girl probably about 1 year was running and laughing through the restuarant. We both turned to each other and said "Not it". Meaning one of us is going to be chasing our little one around the restuarant here shortly ...

Who would have thought ...

That in Portland, yes I said Portland, that we would have over 6" of snow in our driveway today. That's just since this morning. That beats last weekends total of 4". The weather is suppose to continue all throughout the night and into tomorrow, dropping more snow (up to 4" more) and freezing rain. Hopefully if the airport stops cancelling flights today and tomorrow, we can get out of this crazy weather, and over to California where there is no snowflakes in sight!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Picking Out a Tree

Soooooooo on Saturday, my moms decided we needed to get our Chrismas tree. WOW my first ever Christmas tree! I was so excited, that I fell asleep. Shocker, I know. But on top of all the excitment, my mom put me in a bear suit! A BEAR SUIT! I must say I was not impressed, but I did manage to be the hit of the tree farm. Everyone wanted to look at me in the suit. Okay, I'll give that point to the moms.

So we walked, well they walked, I snuggled up in the coat, until we found our tree. Uncle Chris and John came over and cut it down for us, and off we went. I must say, it was really fun looking at all the trees, that next year when I'm big enough, I'll bring my boots and run around everywhere! YEAH!