Sunday, January 11, 2009

Splish Splash!

Tonight I discovered how much our daughter loves to surprise us... Every time we think we've got her all figured out, she changes yet again!

Bathtime has never been a real big hit around here. Ainslee has finally learned to tolerate them, but by no means are they a fun thing for her. She pretty much just lays there til we're finished and she can holler about being cold. (Geez, are we mean mommies or what!) Tonight we were getting ready for her bath and had the bright idea of bringing her tub downstairs because (a) it was easier for us and (b) she never does anything to make a mess, right?

Ha! I'm pretty sure half of the kitchen was flooded... It took a big pile of towels to clean up the water. And she was so darned cute that we had to take a video to share.

(Sorry Annie, this is probably one of those things you'll hate me for when you're 16...)


Shonna said...

Thanks for sharing...she is getting to be so big...My gosh she will be three months old on Thursday....Happy MonthAversary Ainslee Grace....

Love ya

Grandma Shonna

Natierae said...

Super cute!!!! I love those chubby little legs kicking away